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Microcassette Transcription

Though the vast majority of recordings today are done digitally, still there is a need for microcassette transcription. Microcassettes have long been used as a cheaper and common method of recording audio and Cottage Transcription is pleased to offer you analogue transcription services including microcassette transcription.

Please note, however, that storing and reusing microcassettes causes degrading sound quality over time.  If you are still using microcassettes, we will accept them and transcribe them with the same accurate and quality transcription you expect and deserve.

Considering all factors, the writing is on the wall that use of microcassettes will gradually be replaced by digital voice recorders, sooner than later.  However, by no stretch of imagination do we consider the use of microcassette tapes as obsolete because of the introduction of technologically advanced digital formats.  It would suffice us to say that for low end applications like dictations or interviews, microcassettes will continue to be used for times to come. While we recommend that for large amounts of transcripts you graduate to digital recordings, it is as well our advice not to use microcassettes for larger applications like focus groups as they do not provide the required audio quality to enable good transcripts.

Meanwhile, if microcassettes are your choice for dictation, log on to our website and provide us the details of the microcassette(s) you have for transcription before mailing the same securely to us. Our standard pricing and turnaround time will apply for microcassette transcriptions.  As an experienced transcription service agency, Cottage Transcription will be there to render impeccable service of transferring audio to text in this important customer category as well.

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Why not use Cottage Transcription for your audio transcription needs.  We pride ourselves in making the process user-friendly and problem free. We take a personalized approach to ensure that each document is tailored to your specifications and all of our transcriptionists are U.S. based, ensuring the best possible accuracy.  We’re affordable, too – our rates start at just $1.50 per minute. Contact us and one of our account managers will assist you in finding the best document solution that meets your specific needs.