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What sources of materials are you able to transcribe from?

Cottage Transcription has tackled all kinds of transcription projects, from medical office notes to 15 person focus groups.  We are able to transcribe from any digital source, microcassette, CD or DVD.  We also have a dial-in dictation server for use by corporate accounts who have the necessity to utilize our service on a frequent basis. 

Janice, tell us how you became interested in starting Cottage Transcription Co., what nearly 20 years ago?

Cottage Transcription was founded in 1996 by myself, Janice Bretelson.  At that time I was working for Kettering Hospital Emergency Room as a medical transcriptionist.  In late 1995, the transcription staff was notified that the hospital made the decision to outsource their transcription.  After careful consideration and much discussion with the other members of our transcription team, I proposed that the hospital support me as I started my own transcription company and reward me the contract for the emergency room transcription.  The hospital was very supportive and granted me this opportunity.  The company grew quickly and we were soon supporting other clinics and doctors’ offices, primarily offering medical transcription.  The company continued to grow with very little direct marketing or high pressure sales.  Instead, our customers genuinely loved the high quality of our transcripts and the fact that we were locally owned and operated, using 100% U.S. based transcriptionists, thus continually referred new customers to us

In what software format will I receive the completed transcription?

All orders are delivered as Microsoft Word documents.

Do you have set rates or how do you charge?

Cottage Transcription is committed to maximum transparency with our customers.  Our rates are very competitive but are variable based on the turnaround time required.   We bill by the audio minute so you will never be surprised when you get your final bill.  Go to the Estimate and Upload your Transcription Project page, provide a brief description of your needs and you will instantly receive free pricing information based on your turnaround needs.  Our goal is to have a simple, easy to use transcription service that delights our clients.

Do you offer volume discounts for companies interested in signing a multiple project agreement?

We will accept projects of any size.  For larger corporate accounts, we offer negotiated pricing.

Is there a contract I need to sign?

Once we send you an estimate of the cost for your transcription, it will be necessary that you respond with a confirmation e-mail accepting the price quoted.  We will then begin the transcription process.  Contracts will be required for corporate accounts who have the need to utilize our services on a frequent basis.

How will I be billed?

We require a valid credit card number to charge at the time of project completion.  Further payment negotiations can be made with a Cottage account executive.

Can you transcribe on my templates?

Cottage Transcription will adapt our services to meet your needs.   If you have a specific format you desire we use a template with your personal logo, simply submit that to us once you have accepted our proposal.

I know you say you pick up and deliver, but what about if I am out of town? Or out of the country? Can I send my digital file over the internet?

First let me explain our pickup and delivery service. If your office is located near Dayton, Ohio, you are eligible for free pickup and delivery.  We will come to your office on a schedule that fits your needs to pick up your recordings.  At the completion of the work, we will also drop off your final reports in the form of your liking (hard copies or CD).  If you are out of town, simply fill out the Estimate and Upload your Transcription Project link with an explanation of your needs and an account executive will contact you.

Your website says “dedicated transcriptionists”. What exactly does that mean?

Over the last 16 years, Cottage Transcription transcriptionists have created transcripts from literally thousands of hours of audio and video recordings.  Each and every one of these transcripts have been guaranteed by Cottage Transcription to have 98% or better rate of accuracy.  We are capable of offering such high quality transcription services our transcriptionists are real people who live and work in the United States.  On principal, Cottage Transcription will never outsource work overseas.  Our transcriptionists understand the importance of their job and we assure their documents to be highly accurate and professionally completed.

Judging by your client list, you must handle a great deal of highly confidential material.

We take great measures to ensure the highest degree of client confidentiality.  Cottage Transcription has strict confidentially procedures in place to ensure that your information remains private.  This includes the fact that each of our professional transcriptionists signs a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement.  If you would ever like us to delete your recordings, let us know.  Also, rest assured we will never share your either your information with anybody for anything.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

We aim to create long-term relationships with our customers.  We understand that our customers value their privacy and that we are working with their most sensitive of documents.  Your trust is important to us; therefore, we take maximum precautions to secure the safety and security of all client documents.  We do not share any client information or documentation with anyone, ever.  Our transcriptionists are held to strict nondisclosure agreements and viewing of documents is limited to a need to know basis.  At Cottage Transcription, we value your trust and will make sure that our transcription service and everything we do is designed to keep that trust.  Please contact us at info@cottagetranscription.com to send us your NDA.

How do I get started?

The transcription process is simple. You, the customer, signs up on the Cottage Transcription website.  Your account representative will email you and, if you would like, call you, in order to introduce him or herself to you.  You then upload your audio or video recording to our secure server along with a few simple details about the number of speakers, how quickly you’d like to receive your transcript and any special features you’d like to be included.

Your account representative receives the recording and assigns it to one of our trustworthy transcriptionists.  If the account representative has any questions about the recording, they will give you a call or send you an email with those questions.  The transcriptionist will create a professionally formatted, impeccably accurate transcript from your recording. The transcript will be saved as a Microsoft Word document for your use.

The transcriptionist will return the transcript to an account representative who will then give the transcript one final quality check.  Satisfied that the transcript meets Cottage Transcription’s standards, an account representative will email it to you on or before the due date that you requested.

Ready to get started now with your transcription project? Sign up here, estimate and upload your transcription project or give us a call at 937-640-1886.