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Conference Call Transcription

Conference call transcription is an important process for businesses to maintain written records of their business calls and later use them for further research, review and overall discussion. Understanding the importance of conference calls for business, we provide both verbatim and intelligent transcripts of your audio files to do everything in our power to help you grow your business.  When you sign on with Cottage Transcription, you receive the following benefits:

  • Fast and accurate transcription – With fast and accurate form of communication as the primary objective, you can join our team and our special expertise in transcribing the audio and video contents of all such conferences, big or small, regardless of the standard of recording provided to us. We realize the paramount importance of privacy and discretion in handling such assignments. Our total professional approach to performing a subsidiary role to companies, rising up to their expectations of cost and turn-around-time is only one of the key factors prompting companies to trust their conference call transcription requirements with us.
  • U.S. based transcription team understanding your needs.  Our transcription team is 100% U.S.-based and has a wealth of diverse experiences and backgrounds, so it’s easy for us to adapt to the terminology of your industry. We dedicate a select group of transcriptionists to your project, ensuring that you will receive the most accurate conference transcription possible.  And, our talented transcriptionists can differentiate among upwards of 20 distinct voices, which mean all speakers will be properly identified, even during a panel discussion or a Q&A session.

Often, the transcript is more helpful than the recording itself because it allows an individual to easily search and look for quotes or important details. It also lets those conference attendees that may have arrived late or taken a bathroom break at a pivotal moment catch up with everybody else! One of the joys of attending a conference is the wealth of information you receive or have organized to present.

Estimate and Upload Your Transcription Project

Why not capture that information and provide it to your conference attendees and choose Cottage Transcription for your conference transcription needs? We pride ourselves in making the process user-friendly and problem free. We are able to cover a whole gamut of activities to include transcribing seminars, focus group meetings, press conferences, speeches, one-on-one interviews and more.  We take a personalized approach to ensure that each document is tailored to your specifications and all of our transcriptionists are U.S. based, ensuring the best possible accuracy.  We’re affordable, too – our rates start at just $1.50 per minute. You may simply upload your audio file or contact us and one of our account managers will assist you in finding the best document solution that meets your specific needs.