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Academic Transcription

Cottage Transcription excels at taking care of academic transcription projects! Students and professors alike subscribe to our services because of our affordable rates, accuracy and turnaround time. Those pursing Doctorates can contact us and avail our bulk transcription rates.   Services you will receive when you sign on with Cottage Transcription include:

  • Quality.  Our years of experience and dedicated, skilled team of transcribers allow us to provide cost effective, high quality academic transcription services.   We will design our applications to suit your needs.
  • Exceptional customer service.   You are dealing with a local company with a hands-on management team dedicated to provide personal service no matter the size of the project.  We can provide services such as verbatim, time stamping, and grammar corrections.
  • Turnaround times that meet your budget.  Our turnaround options help you plan in order to minimize your transcription costs with the highest standards of professionalism.   We have a transcription team large enough to handle your transcription needs but small enough to care about you and your assignment.
  • On-time delivery. Simply upload your audio recordings, select your turnaround time and Cottage Transcription will transcribe your recorded files within the turnaround selected by you, notifying you when the transcript is complete.
  • Accuracy. Our medical transcription team is 100% U.S.-based ensuring the best possible accuracy.  We have secure upload capabilities and guarantee 98% accuracy on clear audios.

We cover all forms of academic transcription needs – conferences, one-to-one interviews, consumer research etc.  Our client list includes university professors as well as students pursuing masters and Doctorate degrees.

Estimate and Upload Your Transcription Project

Why not use Cottage Transcription for your academic transcription needs.  We pride ourselves in making the process user-friendly and problem free. We take a personalized approach to ensure that each document is tailored to your specifications.  All of our transcriptionists are U.S. based, ensuring the best possible accuracy.  We’re affordable, too – our rates start at just $1.50 per minute. Simply upload your audio file or you may contact us and one of our account managers will assist you in finding the best document solution that meets your specific needs.