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About Cottage Transcription

Cottage Transcription Co was founded on the premise to provide affordable and accurate transcription services for the medical field; however, its reputation quickly grew. Soon individuals and companies in education and marketing sought Cottage Transcription as an external support source to assist with academic papers and focus group data. Today, the company continues to diversify and offer its services in various fields. Under the leadership of the founder, who has a hands-on business philosophy, Cottage Transcription provides each client with the personal touch it deserves. Our company is 100% U.S. based.  All of our transcriptionists are located in the United States, and as a matter of principal, we will never outsource work overseas.  We offer 98% or better rate of accuracy for your transcript and regardless of how complex or specialized your project might be, our transcriptionists are ready to help!  Our transcriptionists can accommodate a wide variety of variables, including accents, background noise, special formatting and verbatim transcription.